We rarely speak about how many people get to the top of the mountain only to realize they gave everything they had only to summit the wrong peak. If you are a leader who has had success in the past but feels unfulfilled and wants more out of life, then this is the right book for you.

If you want to have a more meaningful impact and are motivated and ready to do something about it, I invite you to climb the right mountain.

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Inspired Purpose Coaching
Amir - CEO, Leadership Development Expert, Speaker

“Climbing the Right Mountain: Navigating the Journey to An Inspired Life, is packed with timeless wisdom and an actionable blueprint for living a fulfilling life”

CEO, Leadership Development Expert, Speaker

Inspired Purpose Coaching
Cynthia - CFO, Biotech Startup

“In Climbing the Right Mountain: Navigating the Journey to An Inspired Life, Tony gives you the tools and inspiration to get on the right path and become the leader, you were designed to be.”

CFO, Biotech Startup

Interview With The Author

Get to know Tony Martignetti

What Inspired You To Write The Book?

As I worked with so many amazing people, I heard them struggling to create what they really wanted in their lives. So I decided that the best way to serve them was to lay out a map to get them started.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for leaders at all stages and arenas who currently feel unfulfilled in their lives or careers. They have experienced some level of success in their lives, but they are starting to doubt the path they are on. They might have lost sight of why they do what they do or have lost passion for their work.

What is One Thing You Want People to Take Away From The Book?

The true path to success and fulfillment can only be defined by ourselves, and this book helps you define that path for you and then use the guideposts to travel that path.

Why is Inspiration so Important to You?

Inspiration has the power to fuel people to do extraordinary things. It is also an essential element to transformational leadership, building a great workplace, and navigating change. When I work with clients, I aim to inspire them to take action and embrace change. Their stories, ambitions, and results, in turn, inspire me.



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